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How do I setup my lights?

Exactly as you would set up regular holiday light strings, plus 3 simple steps:

  1. Plug-in lights
  2. Download the free Lumenplay® app
  3. Play!
How many light strings can I connect together?

Lumenplay® light strings are extendable. You can connect end-to-end up to 15 light strings (total bulb count varies based on the product), all controlled from one Lumenplay® Controller and Bluetooth Smart-Ready device.

Can I control different strings at the same time?

Of course! This is one of our favorite features of Lumenplay®. You can simultaneously (or individually) control up to 8 Lumenplay® Controllers at one time. Simply plug in all of the Lumenplay® Controllers, open the app, and when visible, connect to the ones you’d like to control. Tip: When using multiple Lumenplay® controllers, it’s best to name each one to keep track of which is which.

Do I need a Lumenplay® Controller for every string?

You do not need a Lumenplay® Controller for every string. Lumenplay lights are extendable. Each controller can control a minimum of one string or up to 15 light strings (bulb count varies based on the product). To install 15 light strings, simply connect strings end-to-end together with our weather-proof connectors, located at the end of each string.

Can I buy a Lumenplay® Controller separately?

Yes, Lumenplay® Controllers can be purchased separately.

The Firmware Update won’t complete. What do I do?
  • Make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of the Lumenplay® app from iTunes
  • If you have multiple Lumenplay® Controllers in your installation, you will need to unplug all of your Controllers, except the one that you wish to update.  Do not attempt to update a Controller while other Controllers are in range.
  • Test each Lumenplay® Controller on the ground, BEFORE you install the lights.
  • Keep your smart device near the Lumenplay® product that you are updating.
  • Do not turn off the power to a Lumenplay® product during the firmware update process.
  • Do not quit the Lumenplay® app during the Firmware Update process.
  • Should the Lumenplay® Firmware Update process prove unsuccessful, on the “Connect to Strands” page in the app, wait for the “Not seeing your Lumenplay®?” message to appear, click on it, and follow the instructions. See video Updating your Firmware for a step-by-step walk through.
How do Lumenplay® lights work? What is Bluetooth-Smart technology?

Bluetooth Smart, also known as Bluetooth 4.0, is the wireless protocol used to connect to your Lumenplay® light strings and products. Make sure your smart device is Bluetooth Smart-Ready. See full list of compatible devices at lumenplay.com/devices.

Bluetooth Smart allows for one-touch, in-app connections. No Wi-Fi, bridges or complicated manual Bluetooth settings required.

Does my iOS or Android smart device work with Lumenplay® lights?

At this time Lumenplay® is only available for iOS smart devices. We are considering support for Android smart devices down the road but for now, we are focused on creating extraordinary app experiences on iOS devices.

Check out the full list of compatible devices.

Do you support Windows or Blackberry devices?

No. We are considering support for Windows and Blackberry devices down the road but for now, we are focused on creating extraordinary app experiences on iOS devices.

Will Lumenplay® work my tablet or just my smartphone?

Lumenplay® lights work with any Bluetooth Smart-Ready, iOS device. This includes both smartphones and tablets.

Check out the full list of compatible devices.

Where can I download the Lumenplay® app?

To find the Lumenplay® iOS app on the App Store, click here or simply search for “Lumenplay® App-Enabled Lights” and download the app. For iPad users, you’ll need to search under “iPhone Apps only”.

To find the Lumenplay® android app, click here or simply search for “Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights”

Can I program a light show?

Lumenplay® lights give you the freedom to create your own personalized light show by choosing color combinations, effects, speed, direction and brightness. Set your custom scene in motion with the Music Visualizer and watch the lights dance to the beat of your own play list. New for 2015: Randomizer effect, which allows you to pick color combos and automatically cycle through various functions and speeds for a personalized light show with one click. 

How many colors can I pick from?

Lumenplay® lights use RGB LEDs, allowing each individual bulb to be one of millions of colors. Using the Lumenplay® app on your smart device, you can choose the exact color(s) you want for your color sequence (up to 8 colors). Set the colors to match a theme – whether it’s the holidays, a sporting event, dance party, wedding or other special occasion.

Does the Music Visualizer just play pre-programmed music?

The Lumenplay® Music Visualizer is built to play the music in your own playlist on your phone or tablet. Each song is analyzed during playback and a light show is created just for you

Can I set a timer on my lights?

For sure! On the Lumenplay® app, you are able to set an On and Off time for your lights.

Can my neighbors change my lights?

Only if you want them to! The Lumenplay® app allows you to set a pin-code to lock and secure your lights.

What happens if new features are added to the Lumenplay® app?

Simply update your Lumenplay® app on your smart device, and you will be able to enjoy the new features.

Do I need to be close to the lights to change them?

Lumenplay® lights use Bluetooth Smart Technology, allowing you to control your lights from over 50 feet away. Control range is affected by environmental conditions. To maximize the control range, make sure your controller is in-view and not blocked by any objects.

The infamous Christmas Light Question: What happens if a bulb goes out?!

Lumenplay® lights are not your ordinary holiday lights. They are incredibly difficult to break. But each ‘break’ is different and affects the system differently:

Just Stops Working: The other bulbs may continue to work.

Crushed the Bulb: If you only broke the lens cap, then the other bulbs may continue to work. If you somehow managed to break the internal components, then they will not work.

Lumenplay Warranty: 3-year warranty under normal seasonal use, against all product defects.

Can I plug regular light strings into this?

No! Only Lumenplay® lights, Lumenplay® Controllers and Lumenplay® Extension Cords work with the system.

Are the lights safe for outdoor use?

Lumenplay® lights are designed and built for both indoor and outdoor use, certified by CSA-US. Go ahead and deck out your home, shop or restaurant.

I’m a developer and would like to build my own app?

Greetings! We love you. At this time, we do not have a publicly available API. Please contact us at info@lumenplay.com

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